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29Rooms Redesign Pitch

29Rooms is a collaborative event with visionaries and brands in the fields of arts, activism, style, and technology to bring you 29 spaces that tap into the conversations of today and takes visitors through a journey filled with imagination and mystery. Through multi-sensory installations, performances, and workshops, we present you with a new way to connect with creativity, culture, and community.

The whole event was geared towards the brand mission “To Help Women Feel, See, and Claim Their Power” and I pitched the design in that way where it called back to contemporary design but also connected to the event in a colorful and smart way.
29Rooms logo designed by Natalia Grosner

 Pitch of a welcome screen to the 29Rooms.com website

Icons to be used as pins or patches but also represent the main mantra of the experience to “ Feel, See, and Claim Your Power”

Examples of how to apply some icons and the overall strategy of the “maze”  and “doorway into imagination” concept 

Merchandise application with the same icons and concept to totes and scarves.