Paola Delucca︎︎︎ is a Brooklyn based designer & illustrator. 

29Rooms Values Stand in collaboration with the NYC Mayor’s Office

This newsstand about voting, repoductive rights, feminism and diversity where every single item is designed to further those important issues. The ATM itself is a voter registration station where, after registering to vote, you would receive a special stickers unique to 29Rooms.

Creative Direction: Isabel Castillo Guijarro

Design: Louisa Cannell, Isabel Castillo Guijarro, Elizabeth Coulbourn, Paola Delucca, Seeta Kanhai, Alex Marino, Hannah Minn, Tristan Offit, Vero Romero, Elliot Salazar, Janet Sung, Paula Volchok, Abbie Winters, Seung Won Chun, and Evelyn Zhang

Photo: Evelyn Zhang

Words: Amy Virginia Buchanan

Production: Eric Zou