Paola Delucca︎︎︎ is a Brooklyn based designer & illustrator. 

Illustrations for Codecademy

Various illustrations made for Codecademy focusing on learning, career growth, and tech security.

Role: Designer

Art Direction: Brendan Dalton

The R29Design Calendar was a surprise to all of the Refinery29 employees. This secret project came to life by enlisting fellow in-house designers to contribute illustrations. The traditional newsprint format was transformed by having each month double as a 20x30’ pull-out poster that people could then hang by their desks.

Design: Isabel Castillo-Guijarro & Elliot Salazar. Illustration: Paola Delucca, Louisa Cannell, Isabel Castillo Guijarro, Mallory Heyer, Alex Marino, Tristan Offit, Elliot Salazar, and Abbie Winters. Printed by: The Newspaper Club.

Refinery29 Sticker Sheet

Fun collaborative team effort where each designer contributed an illustration of their choice. The result was a collection of R29 branded stickers that wowed the entire office!

Design and Illustration: Louisa Cannell, Isabel Castillo Guijarro, Richard Chance, Paola Delucca, Seeta Kanhai, Eva Lee, Alex Marino, Tristan Offit, Vero Romero, Elliot Salazar, Janet Sung, Abbie Winters, and Evelyn Zhang.

Somos Libres

Freelance work for Refinery29s  Hispanic Heritage Month.

Role: Designer

Art Direction: Vero Romeros

Virtual 5K Shirt for Codecademy

For this shirt I illustrated an adventurous comic strip type scene showing the participant running through obstacles to get to the finish line.

Role: Designer