Paola Delucca︎︎︎ is a Brooklyn based designer & illustrator. 


An Instagram filter with a story

Designed by: Isabel Castillo

Okay started in the Summer of 2020 when, among so many other threads to the lives we used to know, the USPS was on the verge of going bankrupt, possibly closing and subsequently, affecting the 2020 Presidential Election.

Design: Isabel Castillo
Designed by: Isabel Castillo

“It was in that moment that I decided to buy some stamps, send postcards to friends and family and help support them — but after 300+ people shared their addresses with me on Instagram, I ended up designing a full set of 9 postcards to send to everyone.” 

Isabel Castillo

Bringing Okay   to life

As an expansion of Okay, in collaboration with me, we decided to make Okay available to everyone. Inspired by the tactile and reflectiveness of chrome typography and the desire to bring design to life Okay was taken from the postcards, extracted from the 2D space, modeled, chisled, and sculped into life as a 3D object that is meant to occupy space as an Instagram filter.

The above moodboard shows reflectiveness and the sky as a way to bring a more organic and human element to the otherwise refined design of the postcards.Okay is meant to be thick, bumpy, and imperfect.

For this collaboration I decided to model and texture the type object in Blender. In modeling it rather than designing in Photoshop I got to acheive a more organic and tactile look and feel that was less likely to be acheived with a 2D program. 

As a result, the Okay Instagram filter is finally in production set to be released before Christmas for everyone to use! 

The Result