"Okay" is a design project that seamlessly merges the realms of digital art and virtual reality, culminating in a captivating 3D object tailored for an Instagram filter. In this project, I crafted a visually stunning and interactive experience that users can enjoy within the immersive landscape of virtual reality. 

Art Direction & Okay Postcards : Isabel Castillo Guijarro 
3D Object: Paola Delucca

The focal point of the design is a dynamic 3D object that not only serves as a typographical aesthetic embellishment but also engages users in a unique and memorable way. By leveraging the capabilities of VR technology, the "Okay" filter on Instagram transcends traditional design boundaries, offering users an opportunity to interact with live typography in a fun way.

The concept is inspired by Isabel Castillo’s own project “Okay” in which she designed a set of typography postcards that tell us all that it will all be okay in the end.

In an article written by Katy Cowan it says:

“It was in the wake of the United States Postal Service potentially going bankrupt and subsequently affecting the 2020 Presidential Elections that Isabel decided to buy stamps and send postcards to friends and family. Almost 300 people shared their addresses with her on Instagram, "way more than I had anticipated", so she decided to create her own set of postcards.

Designed during one late night after work at Apple, where she is currently art director, Isabel used nine unique typefaces featuring the core message of "letting you, and the world know that while we are going through difficult times at the moment, it will be OK in the end". And, "it is equally fair to not be OK at this time. You do you". For those who have to know, typefaces used include Pilowlava, Migra, Nostra, Opposit, Parabole, Miniature Display, Hatton, Druk, and Kernit.”


In use